CAS Cologne Aviation Service GmbH
P.O. Box 980 160
D-51129 Cologne

Tel. +49 2203 955 1520
Fax +49 2203 955 1525

Pilot Information

VHF 131.615
C/S Cologne Aviation Service

Airport Diagramm

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Cologne Bonn Airport - EDDK/CGN

CAS Cologne Aviation Service GmbH is your reliable handling partner at Cologne Bonn Airport.

CAS Cologne Aviation Service GmbH is your partner in passenger handling services and travel. At Cologne/Bonn Airport we offer special flights and ground services for you and your passengers. As reliable and competent handlingagent we are pleased to offer comprehensive services for our customers.

Special Information

  • CAS offers fully equipped crew and pax lounges
  • Opening hours for GA: 24/7
  • Distance to CGN city center: 15km, to Bonn: 20km
  • Airport slots: no
  • PPR: yes

Meeting Point / GAT

Meeting Point at Cologne (GAT)
Meeting Point at Cologne (GAT)

Meeting point for all arriving and departing passengers is the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). To reach the GAT stay on the right track while approaching the airport, follow the signs "Cargo/GAT" and then turn before Tor A. The GAT can be reached through airport car parking "P5" only. Enter car parking "P5" and proceed to the GAT parking where you have to exchange your parking ticket to gain access.